Pakistan Cryptocurrency Market Rising

Despite the volatility and legality of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in Pakistan, investors and “hodlers” continue to speculate and market prices continue to rise. Slowly but surely, Bitcoin has created much interest among Pakistani investors despite the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies. With some investors gaining tremendously despite some calls of a “bubble”, conventional investors have 

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150,000 Pakistanis Entitled to Claim Free Pakcoins

In a bid to increase the use and acceptance of digital currency in Pakistan, 150.000 Pakistanis have been given the chance to claim 50 free Pakcoins, the Pakistani version of Bitcoin. Pakcoin was founded two years ago by its creator Abu Shaheer. Since then a number of Pakistani businesses have begun to accept the Pakcoin 

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Pakcoin Cryptocurrency Mania hits Pakistan

Although it’s still early days for Pakistan to fully embrace cryptocurrency, one major player has recently come to light as Pakistani merchants begin accepting Pakcoin as a form of payment. Only recently have cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin become more popular in Pakistan, following a period of uncertainty and controversy about its true potential as a 

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Pakistani Webhost accepts Pakcoin

The Fast Webhost accepts pakcoin as payment method. They announced it on their facebook page at They have two webhosting plans, i.e Basic and Premium which cost 10 and 20 USD per annum, respectively. Their feature set is promising with Unlimited Disk Space and Bandwidth and Unlimited database space as well. They offer SSL certificates, 

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How to claim your free Pakcoins Beginner’s Guide

This walkthrough will show you how to claim your free 50 Pakcoins , before you can receive them you need to create a Pakcoin wallet. As you may have seen on the airdrop page (, we ask for your Pakcoin address , This is from your Pakcoin wallet. There are multiple ways to create one 

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Pakcoin accepted at AlShama Education System

As far as I know, this school should be the First in Asia to accept crypto currency. INTRODUCTION: Alshama Education System (ASES) is an institute which was started in 2014. The vision of this institute is to teach non-affording students. This institute is basically operating for poor and orphans by getting donations and funding plans. 

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First Land developer in Asia accepts cryptocurrency

Al-Haq-Associates based in Rawalpindi, Pakistan,  is the first land developer in Asia and of course in Pakistan to accept cryptocurrency, Pakcoin. They announced acceptance of pakcoin on their Facebook page 10% discounts are offered on booking of a new plot for those paying with Pakcoins. They are developing Shahbaz Town near New Islamabad Airport. Pakcoins 

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Pakcoin accepted at is an MLM program, being operated in Pakistan. They have started accepting and paying in pakcoins to their members as well. Anyone can purchase their packages with pakcoins worth 1500 PKR and 60,000 PKR. Details can be checked at their website

Online jewellery shop in Pakistan accepts pakcoins

Another online shop selling jewellery started accepting pakcoins and offering 15% discount on payments with pakcoin. H&A jewellery shop is Karachi based and operates online through Facebook platform. Their Facebook shop page address is

Pakistan’s first online gemstones shop accepting pakcoins

So here is the first online Gemstones Shop accepting pakcoins as payment and offering 10% discounts on their products. Gems Mart Gemstones online shop is Islamabad based and is being operated through Facebook platform. Their Facebook shop page address is