PakHope accepts cryptocurrency as donations

Cryptocurrency is gradually becoming the backbone of international financial structure. Pakcoin is an emerging Pakistan based cryptocurrency that has captured a good market. Its fully decentralized network and very low fee structure raise it high among the others. Pakcoin is not only popular nationwide but also capturing international market too. Its acceptance in different sectors is growing day by day that ascends its value even higher.

After hospitals, restaurants, shopping malls,  now PakHope accepts Pakcoin as donations to help the deserving ones of the society. Very recently Pak Hope has distributed more than 150k Pakcoins (after converting to pkr) among Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital, Akhuwat and Saylani equally. With co-operation of generous hands worldwide, It was another milestone of Pakhope. We are looking forward for co-operation to spread this even more.

PakHope gives you the privilege to donate minimum (0.0001 PAK) to Maximum, as per your desire and urge for a welfare society. It accepts Pakcoin, emerging Pakistan based cryptocurrency to offer you fee less transaction with just a few clicks. To donate to a cause was never that easy. It allows you to join thousands of generous hands in helping people in need worldwide.

A steady stream of donations will ensure a sustainable funding flow to keep the various critical services in the long run. PakHope has enlisted some reputed organizations that are leaving no stone unturned in order to help the needy.

We can’t put the genie back in the bottle but we can try to harness the ghost of inflation and octopus of poverty that keeps the poor revolving around the vicious circle of troubled waters. PakHope takes keen interest regarding the welfare of the society and is fully aware of its responsibility of building up the nation. We take an active part ourself and encourage others to ensure rapid revolutionary changes in the society.

Starting with few reputed organizations, PakHope is now looking forward to joining hands with others welfare foundations to increase the circle of beneficiaries that requires your co-operation definitely. Your contribution is highly appreciated to keep the hope alive of poor and needy of the society.