Pakcoin accepted at AlShama Education System

As far as I know, this school should be the First in Asia to accept crypto currency.


Alshama Education System (ASES) is an institute which was started in 2014. The vision of this institute is to teach non-affording students. This institute is basically operating for poor and orphans by getting donations and funding plans.

ASES is located in Sahiwal, Punjab, Pakistan. ASES had made a successful progress in society and now having about 300 students in just 2 years, most of them are orphans and poor. There are 15 efficient staff members.

Since 04 aug, 2017, Director of ASES Dawood Aslam started to accept Pakcoin as Payment Method. All the teachers can ask for their salary in Pakcoins anytime. The students that can afford paying for tuition fee, they can pay with Pakcoins at 05% discount. ASES is giving discount on payments with pakcoin, this is not a deal but its an opinion to raise and promote Pakistan’s Premier Crypto Currency.


ASES is affiliated only with Oxford syllabus.

ASES provides students a Quality Education.

ASES recommends Arabic and Islamic Studies in syllabus.

ASES has efficient staff of science teachers.

ASES has comfortable environment for students.

ASES provides a quality education to its students. Besides Study, staff members always encourage ASES students and prepare them for their Bright Future. Every student of ASES has talent and confidence. Sports day is organized every Saturday of week so that students look fresh and ready for the next week. ASES helps students to get most out of upto date education and knowledge. There are always organized parties or activities on National Holidays.

ASES provides free syllabus for orphans and poor students there isn’t any annual funding scheme for them.

For Low income students tuition fee is as below:

Tution Fees

Play Group                                                             Free

1st to 5th Grade                                                   PKR/-500

6th to 8th Grade                                                  PKR/-800

9th and 10th Grade                                             PKR/-1200

All the fees structure are affordable and very low.

Orphans and Poor will get 50% discount and some get free education subjected to conditions.

Siblings will get 20% discounts.

Academy Fees

Play Group                                                              Free

1st to 5th                                                                  Free

6th to 8th Grade                                                    PKR/-500

9th and 10th Grade                                               PKR/-800

Academy fees is set totally free for orphans and poor and for given Grades.

No discount for those who can afford fees.




Contact Detail

Director Dawood Mirza    ph# +92-307-891-5227


Address: Bilal Colony,Near Sher Khan Park,Sahiwal,Punjab,Pakistan.


Donations:  PDjDUXDE61ZBfjqRztVozaZjM6qjZMW94z