How to claim your free Pakcoins Beginner’s Guide

This walkthrough will show you how to claim your free 50 Pakcoins , before you can receive them you need to create a Pakcoin wallet. As you may have seen on the airdrop page (, we ask for your Pakcoin address , This is from your Pakcoin wallet. There are multiple ways to create one , either download a wallet built for you PC or use an E-wallet. I will show you how to make both so that you are able to make your own choice. Please make sure you follow these steps to ensure you will receive the Pakcoins in your own Pakcoin Wallet.

First thing you need to do is to create your personal Pakcoin wallet. This will be the place where you can store your pakcoins. Go to , in this example i’m going to use the windows wallet :

Click on the download button :

Next open and unzip :

Install the wallet , once this is complete the program will start and synchronizing with the Pakcoin blockchain :

In the mean time you will be able to look up your Pakcoin address , this address is needed to get your 50 free Pak coins.

In the application please go to the tab ”receive” as shown below :

On the right you will see the ”address” , this is your address to receive Pakcoin from anyone, anywhere !!

Just right click on the address to copy it to your clipboard, select ”copy address” :

Use this address to claim your 50 FREE Pakcoin !

Please note that your coins will appear after the synchronization gets completed.

On airdrop page, you also need to provide your Complete name, CNIC number, email and upload a picture of yourself holding your CNIC card. This picture should be clear so that CNIC could be read clearly. A sample of picture to be uploaded is shown here and on airdrop page as well:

Submit the form after completing it and wait until you receive an email, which will tell you whether you have successfully claimed your pakcoins or failed to claim due to the reason in email. If you failed to recieve pakcoins, you can try again after correction of the reason mentioned in the email.